Hmong Christian Collegiate Conference

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Growing Up

Conference theme and speaker information

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What’s your story?

Our stories—the good and the bad—matter.

What was it like for you to grow up Hmong American? At HC3, we will wrestle with our collective coming of age stories and how it is a part of shaping our identity and faith. How might our perspectives change as we revisit the beautiful and broken pieces of growing up? What purpose are our stories for?

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Janna Louie

Janna Louie is currently serving as the Area Director of InterVarsity's Graduate and Faculty Ministries in Southern California. Prior to this role, Janna served as campus minister at Pasadena City College and Vanderbilt University. Before going into vocational ministry, Janna worked as a high school math teacher, barista, and youth pastor. She received her MDiv from Fuller Theological Seminary in 2014. Upon graduation, she was awarded the Parish Pulpit Fellowship, which enabled her to study sociopolitical engagement through preaching in Southeast Asia. When she is not talking with staff, students, or faculty, you can likely find her eating good food, spending time with friends, or running on trails.