Hmong Christian Collegiate Conference

HS Seniors

Interested in HC3?


Are you a high school senior planning to attend a university in the Fall 2019? If so, you are invited to come to HC3 2019! HC3 is designed to equip Hmong college students to develop their faith in college and to be part of God’s mission on campus. As a high school senior, we think it will be advantageous for you to gain valuable tools that will prepare you for life in college. Just fill out an application to help us get to know you better and submit one reference.

We have limited spots open so we encourage you to prayerfully consider coming and apply as soon as possible.
The same registration rates apply.
Applications will not be accepted after all the spots have been filled or after March 1


You must be a Hmong high school senior attending a college/university in the Fall 2019.
All high school seniors attending are required to register for the Living Into Your Story track.



  1. DO NOT REGISTER. You must complete the application, submit a reference AND it must be approved before you can register.

  2. Ask one person who knows you well (preferably a Youth pastor/director, mentor, or someone who has been involved with InterVarsity) to submit the reference form.

  3. Please note that the registration prices increase after certain dates. If you want the lowest rate, please submit application and reference at least 2 days before the price increases. For example, the $89 price will increase at 12 AM CST on Feb 9. Your forms should be submitted by Feb 7 for us to approve your application in time for you to get the price before the increase. Here are the registration prices:

    Trendsetter $89 until Feb 8 at 11:59 PM

    Early bird $99 until Feb 22 at 11:59 PM

    Regular $115 until Mar 1 at 11:59 PM (online registration will close)

    *No applications accepted after all the spots have been filled or after March 1

  4. Once we send you an e-mail approving your application, you may register online.