Hmong Christian Collegiate Conference

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Part of your weekend will be spent in a track. Tracks are like a series of workshops over the weekend where you get to go deeper into the topics of each track. This is a great place to receive teaching, training, and for sharing ideas. If it's your first time attending HC3, we recommend you talk to your campus staff about which track is best for you. 


discovering jesus

Whether you've grown up with faith and still have lingering questions or are exploring matters of faith for the first time, this track is for you!  Join us for a chance to walk together as we seek to know more about Jesus. We will provide opportunities for you to further investigate Jesus, ask questions, and consider next steps in your spiritual journey.  (Do you have a friend who is curious about Jesus and would accompany you to the track? You can come together!)


living into your story

As a Hmong American, what do I have to offer? You are invited to join a seat at the table. Come learn about identity, leadership and how we can thrive as Hmong Americans seeking God on campus. Whether you’re a leader or not, this track is for anyone desiring to gain a deeper understanding of God, discern how to live our faith as college students, and be part of the work God is doing campus.


leading out of your story

Prerequisite: Campus Kingdom Leaders 101 or current leader serving in an InterVarsity chapter
Let's go deeper on how to lead effectively and how to use our unique cultural gifts in our chapters. This track will further explore the ideas from Campus Kingdom Leaders 101 and equip you with the tools to lead. What does it mean to disciple others? How do we start witnessing communities on campus and reach students? Join other leaders from different campuses to learn from one another and share ideas about leading on campus and reaching Hmong college students.


bible dig-in: isaiah 57-60

Restored From Captivity
While Israel was captive in Babylon, it needed a message of comfort, correction, warning, and ultimately of hope and restoration. As we study these passages that provided these to Israel, we will also seek to apply them to our lives and in our college ministries and churches as Hmong American college students. 


adulting: redeemed

Juniors and Seniors only
Planning for life after college can be daunting. Whether you are excited about the possibilities that await you or you’re dreading all the extra responsibilities, being prepared will help you face the tasks of adulting. In this track, we will look into what it takes to thrive as adults and how to continue our personal and spiritual development.